GK-X Concentrator

  • New to the field, the revolutionary GK-X is a medium scale, high efficiency concentrator for precious metals.
  • The design incorporates modern materials that are wear resistant and oxidation free, suited to all kinds of terrain and environmental conditions. The advanced flow design with the unique rounded cone base progressively accelerates the feed material resulting in earlier G acquisition in the lower cone section.
  • High recoveries of fine gold is achieved.
  • The GK-X incorporates a simple yet effective automation system for hands-free and secure harvesting of the concentrate on a pre-set interval. The unit is fully fluidized, but achieves this fluidization without the use of a water jacket. Silt deposition is far less than a jacketed system and cleaning is quick and easy without having to remove the bowl. Functional servicing and maintenance is far easier.
  • The most final winning feature is the price. Contact us for more by emailing: commoditymonitorlogistics@gmail.com | info@commoditymonitor.org